In a Faulknerian spell of writing I tried to write ‘horses’ and wrote ‘ho’s instead this was on the Arabs who quite possibly conquered the world same way they invented the University well ahead of Christians

I organized everything I had multiple times. At the most tender ages I always meticulously filed my writings and thoughts. I bought nice tools for the job too — at the Container Store, TJ MAXX Home, and IKEA.

The French have a funny way of talking about disorganization: they call something disorganized le bordel, which means the whorehouse.

I always thought organization should come…

actually could tear me away?

I need to write about faith today like no other. The way love is blind. In hindsight I seem so dumb, the owners of this horse Thunder I used to bathe and get bucked off, they said I could ride him anytime. I had no idea that I should take a privilege. I was matronly, even so young, dutiful and I came from a poor family so I would never feel entitled to ride a horse. Even at $25 a lesson, I felt the cost was so very dear I stopped riding altogether. Love is blind. Even if I looked…

A bookworm is forced out into the world

I am so grateful for the time I was homeless cause it taught me how to party. The way I was is this, I would bring my heavy book bag and excuse myself early to go read some books. I do not feel I ever really partied until I had no place to hermit, sink into a book, read. I’ve never partied for fun. Just cause I was forced. I never had fun before I was homeless which was still so hard for me. …


I don’t know how many of you have lived in a basement.

Plant-based medicine has always been there at a thousandth of the price of a hospice covid “death camp” visit…or the insanely elusive doctor’s visit for which I have sought well over four years in Illinois.

Chronic stress basically causes your digestion to shut down, you get less sleep, and your body doesn’t relax into cool mode, in other words, groovin, cruising, lit, happy, safe, free.

As it turns out I meticulously sought out herbal remedies to stress (or the mother of the other ailments).

To be fair stress

a vision late last night

Notre Dame looked like the skeleton of a great, sprawling bear; there was a massacre of trees.

All the trees cut down with none still standing in sight.

They were all strewn about, evidence of genocide, of castration in the life of plants; so many trees chopped down.

All of the sudden I felt things would not improve. And I have guarded hope like the sparkling eye of Athena; internalized the patience of nature Herself, and suffered so much…but still it had never occurred to me that the evil, the perversion, could be so far advanced.

Never before had my mind’s eye seen or understood a scene so bleak or dark.


I wondered where the needle had been before. Who had made the equipment. What company. How did they sterilize it. As I’m sure many nonconsensual events that involve pricks go, this whole ordeal lasted no more than a few minutes.

Shyness took over even if I tried to explain. My left pointer finger had been pricked and I was unsure how. That happened just a few weeks ago. All the associations with Sleeping Beauty, rohypnol, quaaludes, substances that aid in sexual assault and the Cosby memes swirled through my consciousness.

I tried to choose a finger, the trained HIV-screener hobnobbed…

this morning

Par le billet…we had ticket #6, well Mary, my companion did, so we were called in early. Lucky us!

The seat was next to Brigitte Bardot.

I was relieved because Mary is quite brilliant and graceful, and well, wonderful. She would be able to hold a conversation. I was nervous about speaking French after almost three years of exile…

We were to be seated…we had an audience with BB.

Hey Brigitte, let’s hang out in Saint Tropez, ok?!

At first all my French chums (who just happened to be present in the dream too) were disappointed in me and forced to speak in English because my fat tongue could…

changes we can all make

The green jobs and green economy will pay for themselves many times over. As consumers we now have the choice to make investments that will pay for themselves in savings, and offset our carbon footprint.

Shoes and clothes made from sustainable materials will be made to last and we will need less of them.

Like my friend in college Peter, or me after a sleepover — you could curate an outfit or uniform that fits you and just change your underwear daily. …

people try to guess my ethnic heritage

We were at breakfast in a diner.

Are you Greek? they said.

Czech? Polish? Russian?


Swedish? Swiss?

Greek? Italian!

Middle Eastern, Iranian?

Suspend disbelief. They actually asked if I was Indian.

Was I Native American, rather? English? Scottish? Irish? German?

Yes, about a quarter German. My mother is Welsh and Irish, her great-great grandmother was a Delaware Native American. As for my father’s side, German immigrants who came here in the 1830s. His mother is Creole — her name is Désirée Amour. Aparently there is French blood traced back through his maternal side.

Lately though, I have been getting a lot of love from…

A man is only as good as his word

Jonathan claims to be single. Shocking!

Dear Jonathan Scott Schneberg:

Will you “go down on me a thousand times” as stated during a FaceTime conversation in which you also said, that you would — and I quote, “wife me up in a second”?

I seem to remember an incident post-Christmas 2016 when you said you could put me up then started ignoring my messages so that I was forced to stay with a complete stranger.

Or that other time you…uninvited me to Christmas. Oh wait, that was last week!

How about all those times you would ignore me when I expressed my feelings for you or…

Bonjour de Coeur

La France arrachant ses archives à la nuit des temps.

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